Sport journals now available in digital format 📱
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Sport Journaling solutions for athletes

We believe in each athlete's ability to reach their full potential and embrace personal growth through sports. Our ready-to-use sports journals and mobile app are designed to help athletes enhance their cognitive functions, sharpen their skills, and gain insight into their thought processes.

Prioritizing self-improvement techniques such as sport journaling can be immensely beneficial. 👇🏼

Translated in 6 languages
+ 50 000 athletes
10 countries
16 sports
Trusted by sport specialists, coaches, clubs, associations & institutions

What we do .

We created a systematic work sport journal & mobile app for young athletes to help them reveal their inner potential, develop self-analysis skills, be in touch with their emotions and win victories both in sport and in their everyday lives. With the help of different sport specialists and psychologists we have implemented, on a worldwide level with international partners, a methodology that helps athletes, clubs and associations in developing a new generation of athletes that are mentally involved in their sport progression.

What it means for you .

We don't have the same role, but we all have an impact !

For Athletes
You will love it! Everything you need in addition to your trainings to become a complete athlete. Self-development, emotional tracker, goal setting and other tools are always at your disposal with Sportéco.
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For Parents
Get closer to your child with Sportéco! Help your child in growing as a complete athlete. Keep track of your child’s progress, emotional development and more.
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For Coaches
Bring your athletes to another level! Let Sportéco enhance the mental training of your athletes, while you focus on Technical, Tactical and Physical pillars.
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For Clubs & Associations
We specialize in creating unique sport journals for organizations. Our journals are made to be unique and tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring that each page is a reflection of your values and identity.
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Our Team .

Started as a family project, we now operate worldwide with international partners !

Vasili C.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Stan C.
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Karina G.
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Nadezda L.
Chief Psychologist Officer (CPO)
Harshini T.
Chief Research Officer (CRO)
Prof Raymond S.
Honorary Researcher
Darya V.
Graphic Designer

The first of it's kind .

Sport Journaling App

MySportLink is a unique youth app built by professionals and sports specialists to support the mental, physical, technical, and tactical growth of young athletes through sport journaling with interactive and innovative tools and solutions. The app includes social media capabilities with the objective of building a global sports community of sportspersons, coaches, mentors, scouts, agents, sports specialists and parents.