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My Sport Journal

A worldwide project of interactive sport journals created so far for 16 sports and offered in 6 different languages !

Our sport journals help athletes bring self-awareness, review past experiences with honesty and precision. While setting goals they learn to listen to their inner voice, analyze their emotions, learn more about themselves and build a sports growth mindset. This includes identifying patterns in training, emotions and performance.


Order our interactive training sport journal. Created to be fun, engaging and meaningful. Deepen your mental involvement and improve your performance in sport, to reach your goals !



You want a challenge? We improve your sport journal with a cartoon picture of you. You provide us with a picture and our team will cartoon you! Now you have to be honest because you are talking to yourself !


AR Technology

Our latest release! Enhance your home workouts with our augmented reality (AR) feature. Not sure how to do the exercise? Use your camera and see how on your journal an explanatory video appears!

* This function is currently in testing mode.

Key benefits for athletes .

Achieve your sport and life successes with My Sports Journal !

Everyone has a dream ! But few will ever reach it, give yourself a chance in getting closer to your goals. Our interactive sport journals in addition in helping you in your sport journey also teaches you good habits that will serve you for your whole life.
Emotional awareness
Self- Evaluation
Character formation
Organized and disciplined
Building positive habits and routines
Goal setting for better progression
Enhanced mental involvement and implication
Deepen understanding of yourself

What does the journal include ?

  • Personal goal setting
  • Space for personal photos
  • Player card*
  • Fan zone
  • Skill & Life development wheel
  • Training evaluation
  • Emotional assessment
  • Home workouts
  • Overview of the training period
  • Competition analysis
  • Draw your program*
  • Weekly positive questions
  • Stress management tips*
  • And more
* Section available only in some journals

Child's sport success formula .

Level of mental engagement
Sport Success
  • Talent
  • Ability
  • Physical training
  • Technical training
What affects?
  • Fear
  • Video games
  • Distractions
  • Laziness
  • TV
Where it leads to?
  • Aggression
  • Depression
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Passivity / Apathy
  • Loss of ability to plan the future
  • Feeling of happiness
  • Satisfaction of accomplished goals
Right Here! This is the game changer. Every child, especially athletes, go through tough times. That it is why our objective is to provide a tool that will help them face their fears and become in touch with their emotions. Start learning to listen to themselves from the younger age ...

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